Dive Into Excellence With Our Omega Batch, Commencing June 25th, 2024: Experience Dynamic Online Learning, Tailored For Success.

What You Will Get In Premium Exclusive ?

Customized Curriculum: The training is tailored to the specific needs, goals, and interests of each individual or family, ensuring a highly relevant and effective learning experience that aligns with their unique lifestyles and business environments.
Flexible Scheduling: Training sessions can be scheduled according to the availability and convenience of the clients, accommodating their busy lifestyles.
Personalized Attention: Individualized or Smaller class size of same family members, relatives or friends coaching ensures that each participant receives focused attention and tailored guidance, maximizing their learning outcomes.
Family Cohesion: Joint sessions for families can enhance communication, collaboration, and understanding among family members.
Ongoing Support: Clients receive continuous support and follow-up sessions to reinforce learning and address new challenges as they arise.
Advanced and Innovative Content: Programs include cutting-edge topics, latest industry trends, and innovative strategies that keep participants ahead of the curve. 
Exclusive Resources and Materials: Participants gain access to proprietary resources, case studies, and materials that are not available to the general public.

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 About Vijay Kaushik

Vijay Kaushik, the visionary pioneer who introduced the groundbreaking concept of training aspiring An HNIs in India.

A professional (M.B.A. - Finance & Marketing) with over 20 years of practical experience, working in top companies in the financial sector like Nuvama Wealth, TickerPlant (Sister Concern MCX), Spider Software and then as an entrepreneur.

"Over the past 8 years, Vijay Kaushik has coached numerous aspiring High Net Worth Individuals (HNIs), delivering Following two pivotal results.

1. Shift your Focus: Empowering Ambitious Wealth Builder to Think & Grow Like An HNI.

2. Transform Your Ambition OF Becoming An HNI into achievement with clear roadmap.  Read more

Holistic Development: Besides Investment And Trading Skills, These Programs Often Include Modules On Money Management, Wealth Management, And Lifestyle, Promoting Well-Rounded Growth.
Confidentiality And Privacy: Ensures That Personal Details Are Protected, Allowing Participants To Engage Fully Without Concerns About Privacy Breaches. All Interactions And Data Are Handled With The Utmost Discretion And Security.
Advanced And Innovative Content: Programs Include Cutting-Edge Topics, Latest Industry Trends, And Innovative Strategies That Keep Participants Ahead Of The Curve.

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Registration Open For "Think & Grow Like An HNI" Level : September Prospect

August 20, 2024 - September 30, 2024

Online - 30 Hours Session                     6999.00

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Our Alumni Say


My equity portfolio is now self-funded and self-sustaining, this was the trigger of my wealth. Now I Am Able To Earn Good Monthly Income From My Equity Portfolio And Reinvest.

Chitra Mukherjee

I Never Knew I Would Someday Be Able To Resign And Give Time To My Kids. Thank You Vijay Sir For Supporting And Empowering Me With Correct And Complete Knowledge Of Stock Market. Grateful Beyond Words.

Parth Gupta

To Hold Your Equity For 5-10-15-20 Years Requires A Very Strong Mindset, After Attending Training With Vijay Kaushik, I Now Have That Mindset, Vision And Clarity That Achieving +18% CAGR Seems Normal.

Nishant Aggarwal

Equity Portfolio Insurance Became My Wealth Trigger. No Longer Do I Fear Market Downturns; Instead, I See Them As Opportunities. Gratitude To Vijay Sir For Empowering Me With This Perspective Shift.

Avnash Rathor

Earlier I Depended On Others To Take Trading And Investment Decisions, But Now I Take My Decisions With Confidence, And The Best Part Is That I Now Know How To Save My Trades Even In The Worst Case Scenarios. No Big Names Are Even Talking About This.

Jays Singh Makkar

Earlier I Had To Pay Separately For Insurance, Pension, Child Education. Now I Have A Sizeable Equity Portfolio Which Meets All My Requirements. & The Unique Topics Were 9 Ways To Increase Portfolio Returns (Other Than Trading). I'm Maximizing My Financial Growth Like Never Before.

About Vijay Kaushik

I Am Vijay Kaushik - A Wealth
Creation Coach & For The Last
 20 Years. I’ve Worked With
 Many Aspiring Wealth Builders
 To Actually Transform Them
 To HNIs.

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