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"+18% Returns Every Year Since 2012

Heartfelt thanks for the enlightening sessions! Your insights have brought unprecedented clarity to my mindset, thoughts, and actions. But what truly blew me away was your invaluable session on insuring my equity portfolio – it's the cherry on top of an already amazing experience! Your guidance is truly invaluable."

           Pallav Khanna,
           Investor cum Trader

Pallav Khanna    Investor cum

What Is Pyramid Portfolio Technique?

Pyramid Portfolio Technique Is A Course with Strategies, Learning & experience where You Can Achieve +18% PA(CAGR) Every Year DESPITE MARKET DOWNTURNS By Building A Portfolio.  

If You Are An Ambitious HNI And You Spend A Lot Of Time, Energy And Money On Analyzing Stocks To Build A Good Equity Portfolio And Still Not Able To Get +18% (CAGR) Per AnnumIts A High Time To Rethink Your Investment Strategy.

You Don't Believe Me ?... Sounds Crazy Right?

That's Why Let Me Share About Avnash Rathor....

In 2018, Mr. Avnash Was Referred To Me For Learning Stock Market. As I Started His Training, I Observed & Worked Upon These Aspects.

Earlier He Used To Book Profits On Normal Returns And Hold On Losses.

He Restructured His Portfolio On His Own After learning 'HNI's Art oF diversification' under "Pyramid Portfolio Technique".
Then, leveraging our risk management techniques, he immediately applied 'CXO connect technique' to analyze the stock before purchasing.
Subsequently, by employing our 'CONFIDANCE curve Strategy', he confidently positioned himself as a buyer during both major and minor market corrections.
With the assistance of our 'Wealth Wave Formula', he now holds onto stocks for extended periods, refusing to settle for ordinary profits.
Even during the Corona crisis, he remained remarkably calm and relaxed, our 'Principal Protection Strategy' played a vital role, that empowered him to build a strong portfolio with confidence.'

And Saw The Result The Next year !!

This arrow hit the eye of the fish.

It wasn't a coincidence, it was all strategy.

What Happened The Next Year?

For the first time ever his portfolio hits a new record, now, he is no longer an aspiring HNI, now he is an HNI
Total average returns exceed expectations
Wealth was created because insurance paid them a huge amount
He had invested that amount during the Corona crisis
He only paid the insurance premium
Now he gets about 1-3% of their equity portfolio value (rental type) every month

This was the opportunity during market fall. HOW COOL IS THIS !!

It is not that he no longer trades, trading is part of his system, he now knows 10 more techniques by which he can further increase the returns of his portfolio and use them only when the opportunity arises.

Now he is waiting for further correction to avail the benefits of portfolio insurance...

I Am Ready To Teach You That...

So You Can Stop Firefighting to create Wealth
And get good monthly income from first year itself.

Best Value

The 3 Deadly Mistakes Aspiring HNIs Make That Costs Them Lakhs Of Rupees.

Most Powerful "Portfolio strategy" Used By Top 1% HNI Investors 

Insider Hybrid Portfolio Strategy To Generate +18% Returns Per Annum

Total Value - 2400


I attended the Session Of Vijay Kaushik.

its a world-class training course meant for all.

Its a One in a lifetime opportunity to unleash your potential to create Wealth. 

This training provided me with a whole new dimension for Stock Market Investment.

I was provided Virtual training with amazing efforts, Attention, dedication & practical tools.

I could resign from my 9 to 6 job & create a wealth portfolio with +18% pA (CAGR), that could support me & my family.

- Chitra Mukherjee (Happy Mother),                            

 X-manager Finance 

Vijay Kaushik

Wealth Creation Coach

I Am Vijay Kaushik - A Wealth Creation Coach. I’ve Helped Many aspiring High networth individuals (HNIs) To become the HNI. I’m A Yoga Enthusiast, I Believe High Energy Leads To High Learning And High Learning Leads To High Earning.

Few Of My Shining Wealth Creators


Earlier I depended on others to take trading and investment decisions, but now I take my decisions with confidence, and the best part is that I now know how to save my trades even in the worst case scenarios. No Big Names are Even Talking About This.

Avnash Rathor


I never knew I would someday be able to resign and give time to my kids. Thank you Vijay Sir for supporting and empowering me with correct and complete knowledge of stock market. grateful beyond words

Chitra Mukherjee


Earlier I was struggling to fill my portfolio with money, because the salary was not enough due to inflation. Now I am able to earn good monthly income from my equity portfolio and reinvest the same to grow further.



Equity Portfolio Insurance became my wealth trigger. No longer do I fear market downturns; instead, I see them as opportunities. Gratitude to Vijay Sir for empowering me with this perspective shift.

Nishant Aggarwal


To hold your equity for 5-10-15-20 years requires a very strong mindset, after attending training with Vijay Kaushik, I now have that mindset, vision and clarity that Achieving +18% CAGR seems normal

Jays Singh Makkar


Earlier I had to pay separately for insurance, pension, child education. Now I have a sizeable equity portfolio which meets all my requirements. & the unique topics were 9 ways to increase portfolio returns (other than trading). I'm maximizing my financial growth like never before."

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Parth Gupta


The Complete Solution For Your Portfolio...

The Wealth Creation Challenge comes with an extraordinary claim to start building your portfolio.


Still, Wondering If this call is for

The answer is simple. If you want to learn how to create wealth  

for your life and family at +18% p.a. (compound) 

then join the call

to know the life cycle of Wealth creation.


Give Your Equity Portfolio A
 Boost Of Wow.

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Who This Call Is For ?

This call is tailored specifically for ambitious individuals aspiring to attain High Net Worth status in the stock market.

Will It Be A Recorded Session ?

No, Its A 1hr Live call

I Don't Know A Lot About Stock Market, But I Want To Create A Wealth. Should I Take The Call?

"Absolutely! Taking this call is your first step towards gaining confidence in the stock market and creating substantial wealth for yourself. Don't miss out on this opportunity to secure your financial future."

What Are The Timings & Duration Of The Call ?

Duration: 1 hour & Timings: Please choose the time that is most suitable for you while booking call

I Am Not Very Tech Savvy, Should I Join This Call?

Yes, building a portfolio doesn't require advanced tech skills. However, having basic Excel knowledge is essential

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