‘Gaining knowledge is the first step to wisdom. Sharing it, is the wealth of wisdom multiplied.’

This is why (we), Wealth Creation Coaches, must share our in-depth knowledge and coach the investors to build their wealth, and in turn realize their magnificent dreams.

For me, it is a dream come true to be where I am today. I always loved teaching and sharing knowledge.

However, with a family history of jobs, I naturally went for private sector jobs to start with where I gained vast experience as a wealth management trainer. My trainees ranged from salaried employees and professionals to High Networth Individuals (HNIs) to promoters to family offices.

And even though I was in the best of jobs with companies like Edelweiss Global Wealth Management, Tickerplant and Spider Software, earning the best of the packages, I was stuck in that zone where all I could save was just 20% of my salary despite my best efforts.

I realized I was trapped in the cycle of Salary-TDS-EMIs-Expenses!

So I started looking for an option to break out of it.

Being a subject expert on Equity, Derivatives, and Technical Analysis, Knowledge was and is my asset. And teaching was always my passion.

So I combined the two to become a Wealth Creation Coach and opened my company VJ Trainings in 2016 where I teach people how to create wealth from the Equity Market.

I train them to protect their wealth through Derivatives and educate them on how to forecast stock prices using Technical Analysis. Using advanced software, I provide various services like Corporate Training, Executive Coaching, Retirement Planning, etc.

I impart training through Webinars, Classroom sessions, Online Training, One to One sessions Recorded Lectures (etc).

Today, 17+ years later, I am trusted by Top Corporates; have trained many Family Offices and Corporate Houses, Individuals; delivered around 1000 seminars in various SMEs, Corporates, Exchanges, Government Associations, PSUs, Colleges, Universities, and groups, etc.

I believe I can help my clients create wealth from their salary in the stock market by giving them correct and complete knowledge about it in a simple and systematic manner.